Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Wasn't Just A Dog Rescue, It Was The Whole Farm

The Franklin County Animal Services in N.C. have removed some two to three hundred animals from a home owned by Renee Jean Long and found that twenty five of the dogs might have Parvovirus which could be fatal along with three dead puppies.

Just looking at the video I feel real sad for all these animals that had to live in these conditions. So will any charges of animal abuse be filed against Renee Jean Long, I guess we will have to wait as see.

Read the article by Justin Quesinberry here.

Why did it take seventy visits to the home of Patricia and James Freeman for the authorities to finally do something about the care of their animals. Now these two have pleaded not guilty on thirty nine charges of animal cruelty.

The charges are a result of the animals having any water or they were not receiving proper care which has resulted in the removal of most of the animals. Hopefully the animal shelter will be able to find new homes for them.

Read the article here.

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