Saturday, June 4, 2011

2 Different Animal Abusers Torture Dogs To Their Death

Back on April 17th you had an animal abuser from West Valley City, UT beat his little puppy so hard along with throwing the puppy named Marley that it was unable move his back legs. That’s when a Vet said that the puppy was in a bad condition and the owners had the puppy euthanized.

Now the abuser has been charged with animal torture due to the spinal injuries he did to this dog. I hope the Judge doesn’t let this bum off the hook and makes him pay for what he did to this puppy.

Read the article by Benjamin Wood here.

Then over in Staten Island, NY you have an animal abuser named Nashbert Smith who beat and choked a little Jack Russell Terrier named Lady. Nashbert Smith has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals for what he did to this poor dog.

Looking at his past crimes this animal abuser will definitely be serving time for this crime.

Read the article here.

While up in Ontario they seem to be trying to figure out why a dozens of dogs were killed back in May of 2010 by the OSPCA shelter in Newmarket. The shelter said that the dogs had an outbreak of ringworm while the founder of Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare Lynn Perrier said: It’s horrific to think that hundreds of animals faced death based on inconclusive evidence. We expect OSCPA are the caretakers of our animals. We think they are doing their jobs, it’s all a farce.

One of the comments made by Animal Justice: The OSPCA would have had to give oral medication first to know that they weren't responding to treatment. There was no virulent strain, I never saw any dogs with signs of infection. Some staff & volunteers researched different types of treatment for the cats & they were rejected for cost reasons by management, we asked if we could talk with the drug companies or Vets to donate meds & that was rejected too. When we asked CEO Kate McDonald whether oral meds weren't given because of cost, she said that wasn't the problem, they were already given oral meds, which wasn't true. So either management & Provincial had a breakdown in communication, which happened often or there is too much authority given to people with business experience than animal shelter experience. From my experience there, I think it was both. Running an Animal Shelter is a job that requires specialized experience for many reasons, you can't just go in with business experience & think you'll be successful.

So what really happen at the shelter that caused all of these animals to die. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Read the article by Nicki Thomas here.

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