Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Types Of Extreme Animal Cruelty To Their Pets

An animal abuser named David Roman from the Buffalo, NY area has been charged with animal cruelty for beating his dog after posting a video showing what he did to the poor dog on YouTube.

The SPCA's public relations director Gina Browning said: It's a brutal beating, and the dog is clearly in pain, It’s very difficult to watch. As long as I've worked here, I put off watching it til today, and I still couldn't watch the whole thing. The dog doesn't have any broken bones, we don't know if there is any brain damage, she’s walking and wagging her tail. She's just a sweetheart.

How can anybody do something like this to their dog is beyond me. I hope that the dog will get a new home and that this animal abuser gets what’s coming to him.

Read the article by Gene Warner here.

A drunken health care administrator named Stewart Gibbs from Chicago has been charged with felony cruelty to an animal when the police found his dog covered in blood as Gibbs was trying to perform surgery on his dog.

Hopefully the Doberman will find a new home after what this nut case did to this dog. The Chicago Animal Care and Control now has the dog in their possession.

Read the article by Liam Ford here.

The police in Memphis, TN have finally found the sick’o who set a cat on fire named Richard Erby back on June seventh on which the poor little cat died. Hopefully this teenager will get a stiff sentence for what he did to this cat.

Read the article by Jody Callahan here.

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Traumeel said...

Oh that is really pathetic.I dont know why people think of doing such things.