Monday, June 27, 2011

Dead Dogs And Killing Dog In The News Today

Back in July 2010 a wolf hybrid that was owned by Earl Dwayne Adkins had killed Debralynn Holland’s five year old son. Now Earl is being charged with one count of dangerous animal causing death and Debralynn is being charged with manslaughter.

It’s bad enough to lose your child this way and now be charged with these charges that the Wayne County Prosecutor has made due to neglect for not caging the dog at night seems a little hard but maybe not.

Read the article here.

A Michigan State student named Andrew David Thompson is facings ten felony counts of animal killing and one count of animal cruelty for killing ten Italian Greyhound dogs.

The article doesn’t state how the dogs died, but why would you kill your dogs.

Read the article by Kevin Grasha here.

Ok I’m a police officer who has two police dogs with me to protect the people. But I forgot that I left my two dogs in the car to die while I went into the office.

That kind of says it for the officer or officers from the Metropolitan Police who left their German shepherd and Belgian Malanois in the car with the windows shut.

It’s a shame when you are honored to have a dog by your side when you’re out there protecting the people in your community and you forget about your partner. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to work with this guy on the job. I also feel sad for the two dogs because of neglect.

Read the article here.

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