Thursday, June 2, 2011

South Bend Animal Control Shelter Kills Dogs That Were Going To Be Adopted

I don’t know the whole story, but you would think that if two dogs were able to survive being abandoned in a home for who knows how long and had the opportunity to be adopted that would make sense.

Photo by Unknown

Well that didn’t happen to these two poor dogs as the South Bend Animal Control Shelter had killed these two dogs knowing that they could have went to a loving home. Now Charlie and Don Arnett want to know why and how did this happen when the employees knew that they wanted one of the dogs.

So now the blame game will go on as to the dogs being too aggressive or not. I can only say that when you know that a dog has an opportunity to be adopted and the people who are the adoptees are caring enough you should have gave the dog a chance of life, not death. Any dog can be train no matter what if it’s done by the right person.

Read the article by Jeff Harrell here.

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