Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dog Fighting News For The Day And A Few More Articles

Down in Augusta, GA the police have arrest Ulysses Carl Thomas Jr. on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals for dealing in dog fighting when the police found a dog that was used to train other dogs for fighting.

Read the article by Liz Hill here.

Then you have the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley in Bradford, MA that is looking for someone to adopt an American bulldog named Goliath who used in dog fights.

The Methuen's animal control officer Karen Phillips said: When I met Goliath, even though he was in the pain that he was in he did nothing but kiss my face and give me his paws and look at me with those eyes and say, Can you help me?
Photo by Carl Russo

So if you would like to adopt or foster this poor dog or even help with a donation you can contact the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley @ 978-374-7233

Read the article by Alex Bloom here.

A so called dog breeder named Tiffany Wilkerson–Hood from Decatur, IL has been arrested for animal cruelty when the animal control took away thirty seven dogs from her home. The worst part is that this breeder also had her kids taken away due to the conditions in her home.

So I guess that Tiffany’s dog breeding company called Majestic Mi-Kis is out of business and hopefully the judge will take away her license.

Read the article here.

Up in Lancaster County, PA a dog kennel called Turkey Hill Kennel has been fined for failing inspections and now North Penn Puppymill Watch wants this place shut down for good.

North Penn Puppymill Watch Jenny Stephens said: The East Earl facility is run by a commercial breeder housing as many as three Hundred and sixty four dogs. No one person can take care of three Hundred and sixty four dogs appropriately. The first time at Turkey Hill in January, it was noted that there were frozen water bowls which means the temperature was well below thirty two degrees. Dog’s lives are in jeopardy. These dogs can't speak for themselves.

So will they get enough support and will the judge realize what this breeder is doing to these poor dogs and shut this puppy mill down.

Read the article by Jenni Joyce here.

And finally we have a judge who has sided with a seven year old who is autistic by telling the Orange County elementary school in California that his dog is welcome to go to school with him.

Can you even begin to believe that a school wouldn’t even allow a handicap child his service dog to be by his side. What has become of our morals when we don’t care enough to help a child have a right to learn as any other child would have? The ADA laws were written for a reason and the way I look at it, is that whoever was involved in this sure didn’t read the ADA rules.

Read the article here.

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