Saturday, March 20, 2010

With All The Flooding What Happens To The Unlucky Dogs

In a small town in NJ there were seventeen dogs that were rescued during this last flood by a team effort of the Fire Department, Police, the Sheriffs’ Department, the states Urban Search and Rescue team and the animal control department.

That just shows the pride of these guys who not only go out and put their live on the line for us but they show their love for the animals that might of lost their lives if it wasn’t for the rescue effort by this team. Yes some people will probably complain about the cost, but really this also can be seen as training that might just save your life one day.

So all my buddies would like to Thank all those who have help rescue my buddies from despair.

The Paterson Fire Capt. John Bradle said: That dog was holding on for dear life, in its struggle to stay on the watery steps, the Rottweiler had lost some of its claws, but it was saved. My crew did a good job.

Chief Animal Control Officer John DeCando said: he fears that receding water may uncover some animals that were either chained or abandoned and did not make it. I hope that's not the case.

I hope that all the owners were able to get their pets out of harm’s way too.

Read the article by Justo Bautista here.

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