Sunday, March 14, 2010

We Have The Crufts & Purina Dog Show Winners For 2010

Photo by AFP

A Hungarian Vizsla named Yogi came out the Best in Show at the Crufts dog show which had one hundred and eighty seven different breeds with around twenty two thousand dogs competing to be this year’s winner.

See more of the great looking dogs here.

Photo by Bernard Weil

This year’s winner in the Purina National Dog Show was a Kerry Blue Terrier named Fin. There were over one hundred different breeds that competed at the Mississauga’s International Centre this year.

Read the article by John Goddard here.

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Momma Moose Diaries said...

I attended Crufts with my Fiancee. It was my first time vsiting the show and I loved it. I thought it was great.
We went on Sunday (Gun Dog day.) We have a weimarana at home you see and are looking for our second dog. We want a Vizla so we were going to check them out and see all the breeds! :-)
Great post by the way!