Sunday, March 21, 2010

NJ Puppy Palace Store Shut Down For Good

Photo by Pete Picknally

Working on a tip the SPCA found a German shepherd who was suffering from Parvovirus in the Puppy Palace store in the Moorestown mall in NJ. The Burlington County Health Department had order the store to be closed as soon as they received word from the SPCA about the Parvovirus.

The owner of the Puppy Palace, Robert Armstrong has been told as of today that he can no long do business in the mall. This is the second time in the last week that Robert Armstrong has been in trouble when he pleaded guilty to animal cruelty for the conditions in another store he own.

So by the looks of this it’s just another type of puppy mill being shut down because the dogs that Robert was receiving were from an un-licensed puppy mill in Pennsylvania.
I only did an article on Friday about a town called Richmond in British Columbia wanting to prohibit the selling of animals in retail stores.

When are people going to stop buying the puppy mills dogs, there are so many dogs in the shelters looking for a home.

Read the article by Mark Zimmaro and David Levinsky here.

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