Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two More Puppy Mills Close Down & Where Did The Dogs Money Go

Nebraska NDA shuts down a puppy mill breeder called Green Meadows Kennel in North Platte that is owned by Louis & Lyle Stutterhiem that was raided back in December. There were about eighty dogs taken from the breeder on which most were in good health but the conditions that they were living in were unacceptable due to the breeder being too old to take proper care of the dogs.

Read the article by Mark Young here.

Another want to be puppy mill breeder decides that it not for her when Eugenia Dishmon from North Port, Fl turned in twenty six little dogs that she raised in her garage.

This is upsetting when over the years we keep reading about these want a be puppy mills and to top it off Eugenia was doing this out of a garage, what kind of life is that for these poor dogs. People Please stop buying a dog from these want a be breeders that just do more harm to the puppies when they are thinking that it’s OK to do so.

Read the article by John Davis here.

So is the Connecticut Humane Society in trouble for the way they spend their funds for not treating the animals in their shelters with love. The article is based on the animals in shelters of being deprived of life when they have a treatable problem and are instead being killed when the funds are suppose to be used for providing treatment. The Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has been looking into the misuse of the funds that are being provided.

Read the article here.

A little trivia for the day:
How many gallons of water does it take to produce $1 worth of dog food?
200 gallons of water

Read more about how much water is used in other products here.

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