Thursday, March 25, 2010

There’s Free Dogs, Hungry Dogs, Safe Dogs, Over Charged Dogs And Sadly Dead Dogs

Free dogs are being offered at the East Ridge Animal Shelter that is being funded by The Pedigree Foundation on April first, for the first ten dogs. So if you want to help save a dog’s life be there @ 1015 Yale St. in East Ridge, Tenn.

The dog named Winston who likes to eat police car bumpers has been given a pardon by a Chattanooga Judge to his owners Karen & Michael Emerling. I guess the dog didn’t want the officer taking radar is seeing how fast he was going…. LOL…

Read the article by Sarah Jennings here.

A Big Thanks goes out to the kids that found the poor dog and the Phoenix Fire Department for recuing a dog that fell down in a sink hole that was about fifteen to twenty feet deep. Photo by kpho

Read the article by Katie Fisher here.

Well now that the St. Mary Parish Council in Louisiana has gone overboard for adopting an ordinance that requires you to post a sign saying beware of dog and pay an extra fifty dollars along with micro chipping you dog because you own a pit bull.

Do you think they went a little overboard with these new laws, I do. What makes a pit bull different from any other dog, I wonder?

Read the article here.

The Stone County Sheriff's Office has charged Judy Lee Chambers with twelve counts of animal abuse when they raided her house and found a total of fifty five dogs on which eleven were dead.

Again we read about another case of neglect from a person who had too many dogs that causes not only abuse but dogs dying from not having proper care.

Read the article here.

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Wolfbernz said...

It's a good thing they found the dog!
Fifteen to twenty feet deep is a long way down with no way out.