Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Owners Find Dead Dogs In Their Rental House

So you rent your house to someone thinking that everything will be fine, until you discover that your tenants had left and all’s you found were dead dogs though out your house.

Just looking at the video it looks like there was a puppy mill being ran in that house at one time. The Creek County DA said they will probably be charging the renter with animal abuse. Did I just say probably, if they don’t charge this person with a lot of charges of animal abuse then the DA office is not doing their job.

The home owner Penny Ramsey said: It's destroyed, You’re going to be horrified. Dead dogs, dead dogs in the house, in the freezer. In clear packages you could see all the way through.

So keep buying those dogs from puppy mills if you dare after looking at this video. I not saying they are all like this, but it just shows you what some of them could look like.

Read the article here.

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