Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Chihuahua That Got Away

How many times have I feared that a Hawk or an Eagle would one day swoop down and take one of my little dogs. Then to read about a little Chihuahua named Poppy being taken by an unknown bird to only come back home the next day is incredible knowing that a hawk would have eaten him with no problem.

The Chihuahua was out playing when Tim said: It was a terrible yelp, real loud and we heard wings flapping and we looked back and Poppy was flying right up there. It kind of looked like he was in both of his talons and the bird was flying up and he was looking down and whining.

Elizabeth Todd from Columbia, S Carolina said: It was a very sleepless night because everything that kept going through my mind was my little dog being torn apart and it was hard to imagine that he was going through that. And after little Poppy came back home Elizabeth said: Miracles still happen, Prayers get answered even for little dogs.

Yes Miracles do happen and little Poppy is one of them.

Read the article here.

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