Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warning: Dog Bone Alert

The news going around today has to do with a dog bone that is made by Dynamic Pet Products called: Real Ham Bone for Dogs.

The main warning is that the bone when eaten breaks into fragments and could splinter while your dog is eating it. A label on the packages says: Monitor your pet while consuming any natural bone product. Remove bone if splintering occurs. Recommended size is slightly larger than your pet’s mouth. Always provide a fresh supply of water to pet. Best if eaten over several sittings. Not recommended for dogs with digestive problems. There has even been reports of dogs dying from eating these bones.

There was an article that dated back to October Two Thousand And Eight of a women who complained about what this bone did to her dog. People have even sent complaints into Consumer Affairs about this product.

The St. Louis Better Business Bureau said: that consumers should be very cautious when giving Real Ham Bone For Dogs to their pets.

Read the article here.

So have you experienced a problem with this bone too, we would all like to know.


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Donna and I live in Long Beach, CA. My boyfriend bought this product at a health food store. The lable said it was all natural 100% food grade, and the fact it was made in the U.S.A. We thought it would be good for her unlike food products made out of the country. After she was able to chew off the knuckles I removed the bone from her. Hours later she was vomiting 5 times or more of chunks of the bone, "NO SPLINTERS' She spent 4 days in hospital. Cost us four thousand dollars.Ultrasound showed masses in intestines of foreign matter. Owner of company told many of us to send her our bills that she would take care of them.Well instead she sent bills to her insurance company, we all got the same form letter denying the claims.Oh and for the record; the warning labels wording has been changed since when we purchased the product and filed a complaint to her and her company. My word is Buyer Beware of this product.

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with this product.

Christina Newman said...

My name is Christina Newman and my dog Buddy died in 2008 from this same bone. It was a very violent and painful death. The wording has been changed on the label since then. It did not say that when I bought it. I also was told to submit my vet bills for payment and they also were denied by America First Ins. Co. It is a game they play, hoping you give up. I even submitted an autopsy report to them and still they denied it. This product did not "splinter". After eating, it formed "cement"that was impossible to pass and Buddy died trying to pass it. There was bacteria in every organ and even his brain. Please, do not feed this product to you pets!