Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Animal Abuse To The Extreme

So Who Would Move Out And Just Leave His Dogs

Well this guy named Amos Lee Nelson that used to live in Suffolk, Virginia did just that to his Pit Bull and his Rottweiler to fend for themselves when he just moved and left them back in December. Nelson has finally been arrested and charged with animal cruelty and inadequate care for these poor dogs.

Why would anyone do that to these dogs when all’s they needed to do was bring them to a shelter.

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Then you have the hoarder who thinks that they are trying to help the abandoned dogs from the shelters, but things get out of hand.

Photo by Greg Jenson/The Clarion-Ledger

A women named Valerie Robinson who ran the Raven’s Hope in Kemper County, Mississippi did just that when the police and animal rescue groups seized a hundred dogs and some cats from her filthy house.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore said: I have never seen anything like this.

Dr. Mary Fooshee, veterinarian for the Mississippi Animal Rescue League said: That's the worst I have ever seen in 20 years.

Inside the house they found dead animals that was infested with rats that the people that helped with the rescue needed to wear breathing apparatuses just to deal with the smell. Then to walk in the house and find a dead puppy just lying on a pile of laundry is unbelievable. Hopefully these dogs will find a home where there is love and kindness.

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Then this guy who doesn’t feed his dogs

The Lafourche Sheriff’s in LA have charged Rodney Griffin with aggravated cruelty to animals and five counts of cruelty to animals. The Deputies found a dead dog along with the other dogs being malnourished with no food in site to feed the dogs.

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