Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Some People Are Allowed To Have Animals Is Beyond Me

NJ Puppy Mill Has 90 Dogs Removed

A puppy mill in Upper Pitsgrove Township had ninety dogs removed from their puppy mill after the local authorities tried to get them to comply and take better care of the dogs. You would have thought that they would have taken care of the dogs that were hairless and powder puff Chinese crested, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers along with some mixed breeds.

But No they let the poor dogs suffer from eye and dental infections, severe skin and many were matted with feces. So now they are facing eight counts of animal cruelty for their incompetent care for these little dogs. I hope they are never able to own another animal in their life for what they did after being given many chances to give these dogs better care.

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Well Here’s Another Pet Boarding Faculty Shut Down

This so called place where you were suppose to leave your dog to be cared for named the Battleground Pet Inn in Greensboro, NC had thirty six dogs and three cats removed from them due to unsanitary conditions. We will have to wait and see if Kay Jones is also charged with animal cruelty.

Just looking at this video makes you wonder why you would leave your dog to be lock up like that, just look at that poodle who just wants to cry. How sad for a dog not knowing if you are coming back to get them or what is going to happen to them, dogs have feeling too you know.

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