Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Puppy Only Wanted Some Love

You know times are getting bad when an animal shelter that has been around close to twenty five years said that they are unable to take in anymore dogs. The Keysborough Animal Shelter in Australia has been overwhelmed with so many dogs being dumped off that no turn away policy has been changed.

Then you have the dog snatchers over in Fort Wayne, ID who went for the money dogs, when they took an Italian Greyhound, A Chiweenie and an English Bulldog. So you wonder why someone would do this when there are so many dogs just sitting in the shelters. You would be surprised to know that there are many of these expensive dogs just waiting to find a home.

Well it looks like the Humane Society has done it again when they got the endorsement of forty five pet stores in the Chicago area to stop selling puppies in their stores.

Now, how great is that to help put a stop to some of these puppy mills. This brings the new total up to four hundred and fifty stores that pledged to be puppy free.

It all the same when you think about it: people go out and buy a puppy to fill some need not realizing all the work that’s it take to raise a dog, but then after a while they want to sit it on the shelf. Owning a pet is a lot of work that involves a lot of love and time to care for them.

I was reading that Nicola Roberts was given two pugs as a Christmas gift and wouldn’t let them out of her site until she got too drunk at a New Years bash. I’m not saying anything was wrong because her BF was there to take care of the dogs, but to some people they are just a show piece and not a dog.

So who is really the one that has to suffer: It's the dog that you brought saying I will take care of it. Then to make an excuse that you just dump your dog off to some shelter without a care. These animals are supposed to be for life and not just a show piece that you can disregard when you feel fit. You wouldn’t want your parents just dumping you in the street one day. Saying you’re on your own and hopefully someone will adopt you before they put you to sleep. Yes that’s the cold fact of a dog’s life…..

A Special Thanks goes out to all those who work in the Animal Shelters

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