Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help Save The Puppies From Being Kill In New Mexico

Photo by Norm Dettlaff

An animal shelter named Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley will be killing fifty puppies out of the one hundred and seventy four they have in their shelter come Monday. With the over population in the shelter it comes down to Beth Vesco-Mock who is the director on Monday to decide which one of these little dogs will died.

That is so sad to read about these poor little guys are going to be killed because there is no room for them.

Beth Vesco-Mock said: It's horrendous, while checking on an adoption event at Petco in Las Cruces. I woke up this morning worrying about the puppies. It's a horrible power to have, It weighs on me every day. Obviously, what is going on in this community for the last 20 years is not working. There were 285,000 animals brought into that shelter, that’s more than the population in Do-a Ana County and we've killed over 211,000.

Did I just read that right, they have killed how many dogs? That comes out to about eleven hundred a year or eighty plus a month. Now that is heart breaking to read about that and you tell me there is no other shelter in this country that would take some of these puppies. When you really look at it, all those puppies mills and home owner's that are out to make a buck is the reason that they are so over populated us with all these dogs.

If you would like to adopt one of these puppies before they are killed you can call 575-382-0018 or you can check out their site @

Read the article by Ashley Meeks here.

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Joe said...

How sad. I don't have any room for more dogs or I would adopt one.