Thursday, January 21, 2010

It Was Called: Operation Bite Back

The Animal Planet Investigations will be showing a show called Dog Fighting Exposed on January 25th it will show how an undercover investigation that went on for some fourteen months featuring Sgt. Michael Gabrielson who worked undercover to help expose these lowlifes in the world of dog fighting.

I can only say that it must have been a real hard job to sit there and watch these poor dogs being used in the dog fights. Knowing that you just want to grab the dogs and run after you have seen the brutal fights these dogs go though.

Well Michael’s job paid off after all the people that were arrested for dog fighting.

Read the article by Kelli Wynn here.


PetOwnersDogTraining said...

It's unbelievable what some people call sport. Not only the guys who run it but for the ones who help them benefit by going to the dog fighting.

Dog Fighting is so cruel and often fatal for the dogs and I'm glad these guys got arrested.

Anonymous said...

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Dogman2 said...

Yes dog fighting is one of the most cruel acts that anyone can do to a dog.

Healthy Dog Treats said...

Not only dog fights, all the fights that people do with animals for their entertainment has to be banned. And, they call it sports, ridiculous.

SEO Web Design Orange County said...

unbelievable that such uncivilized morons are still exist.