Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Woman On Vacation Charged With Animal Cruelty In Florida

A woman named Christine Hogle from Palm Bay, FL. has found herself with seventeen charges of animal cruelty when the local police found her pets left alone in her house. This is what happens when you rely on others to take care of your pets.

Steve Shytle of the Palm Bay Police Department said: It was bad. There was feces everywhere ... when you opened the door you could smell it around the corner.

Officer Chris Richards said: The conditions inside this home are absolutely disgusting, It is the worst I've seen.

Another sad story about the pets that had to try and live without nothing.

Read the article by J.D. Gallop here.


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You don't even think such things would happen when you leave your pets simply closed inside and leave for a vacation(vacation???). Do these people leave their own children like that? I can't understand why people do such stupid things.

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