Friday, January 8, 2010

Dog Killers Need To Pay

As a pet owner how do you leave your dog with her puppies out in the cold to die? That’s what Anthony Murphy from Spartanburg, SC did when his pit bull along with her five puppies died from being in the freezing cold and not having any food.

How sad is that to just let your dogs die like that and now Anthony will be having a lot of charges filed again him for his cruel act he did to these dogs.

Read the article here.

Down in Mississippi you have an animal controller named Alonzo Esco who has been fired for what is being said that he killed over one hundred dogs and cats and dumped them in a creek in Canton, Miss.

How low is that for a guy who is supposed to be protecting these animals to just shoot these animals.
This is the worst part of the article.

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest said: It's unbelievable someone could do something like that to these animals. This is worse than Michael Vick. The most Esco likely would face is multiple counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, which is punishable by up to six months in jail.

Are you for real to say that this lowlife might only get six months in jail for what he did. I would say that a guy who was being paid to protect these animals and did a cruel crime like this should be hit so hard of the head with the book by the judge because he failed to even be a human in life.

Read the article by Nicklaus Lovelady here.

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