Thursday, January 28, 2010

Will China Ban Eating Dogs & Cats?

There is a proposal going on to stop serving dogs or cats on the menu that is receiving support from one side and opposition from the other side.

Well it has been a long time tradition in China, Korea had nine thousand tons of dog are served at about sixty five hundred restaurants across their country annually.

China is looking into to drafting a law which would make it punishable under a cruelty to animal law that comes with a fine and jail.

I don't know about you but there is no way I'm eating one of my dogs.

Read the article by Zhou Zhou here.


Anonymous said...

The anti animal cruelty law is an “expert advisory draft” from China Academy of Social Science and Law, and must be reviewed by the legislative body. How much of it will become actual legislative prroposal emains to be seen.

Also, it does not ban dog/cat meat consumption, only regulation for humane treatment and sanitation for consumer. The academy did consider regional culture and tradition when drafting thie proposal.

Cassie said...

I read a few articles on this- very sad, but true. Hard to believe how dogs are treated in other countries.

Anonymous said...

Cassie, if some Hindus think cows are God, should we not eat beef?

Dog and cat are considered food animal in many culture around the world. Some Swiss have the tradition of eating a fattened cat for Christmas.

Rabbit is pet in our society, yet we eat rabbits. If intelligence is the criteria pigs are smarter than cat, but pork chops are okay?

Healthy Dog Treats said...

We don't have a practice of eating dogs, better say from childhood. May be that's the reason we feel disgusting about eating dogs. In China, Korea, Indonesia etc it's just like having a pork, mutton or beef. They eat it from childhood, So nothing disgusting. Its just like all other animals for eating.

SEO Orange County said...

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