Friday, January 22, 2010

An Abandoned Dog Who Became A Rescue Dog

The other day I took my one dog for his shoots and there was an adoption going on. I met a guy who had just picked out his new dog. I was amazed out the features of this dog and if it was really a show dog just waiting for his right owner.What a beautiful dog he was.

Well when I came upon this article about a border collie mix dog named Rowdy that nobody wanted and the San Francisco Society had even giving up on, has become a rescue dog, I had to share it with you.

Now if this isn’t amazing I don’t know, but as I have been saying is that you never know what kind of special dog you might get when you adopt a dog from a shelter. Its people like Margaret Blair who owns Twin Cedars K9 who seen something in Rowdy that others didn’t see. Because of Margaret rescue of Rowdy, he is now able to rescue a person from all the training and love that was giving to him when nobody thought he was good enough.

A Special Thanks goes out to all those who have adopted a pet from a shelter.

Read the article by Michael Kay here.


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