Sunday, January 24, 2010

Buddy Gets Over 100,000 Signed Petitions For His Death

Do you remember the German shepherd that was dragged to death in Colorado Springs? Well Gary Sherman has been trying to get all the signatures he can by the twenty-seventh of January when Steven Romero goes to court for killing Buddy.

Gary’s Facebook page : Demand Justice for Buddy has received over the one hundred thousand signatures on the Care2 petition site that he wanted to get before the court date.

Read the article by Annette Espinoza here.


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Dogman2 said...


Healthy Dog Treats said...

Oh...Such ruthless people have to be punished to the maximum. They don't deserve to be humans. If they can't love animals, I wonder how could they care for humans?
I really feel sorry for the dog.

SEO Orange County said...

Sad to read about the dogs death. No mercy for those who behave rude to animals.