Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There’s A Heated Debate Starting About What A Dog Bark Means

I was reading an article that was posted on the Boston Channel about a study that was done by Kathryn Lord at the University of Mass. that stated: dogs do not bark differently in different circumstances.

Well after reading some of the comments everybody feels that this women is nuts to come up with a report like this. We all know that are dogs talk to us different at different times. My dog will give a low bark to say here wants to go into a room or a load bark that is strong when someone comes up to our door. My two dogs have different barks for all kind of different things.

Kathryn Lord said: What we're saying is that the domestic dog does not have an intentional message in mind, such as, I want to play or the house is on fire. I think the main complaints I've seen, people were upset because they thought their dogs barked in other situations.

I feel that it’s one persons option that seems to have wasted a lot of time and money. But we all know that because someone has a degree in some field they are suppose to be right, right. No wrong, I don’t care how much this women spent I feel the same way that all the people that are writing on the comments saying she is wrong.

Read the article by Sydney Lupkin here.

If you would like to read Kathryn Lord’s finding you can download it here.

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