Saturday, July 18, 2009

So You’re Homeless With A Service Dog In LA …. Tough Luck

A disabled women named Shawnine Mackay has been denied any help from the local shelters in the Los Angeles area because she has a service dog. With times being bad all over the country it’s hard enough for people to get by and for Shawnine who needs her seizure detecting service dog it has become even harder for her to survive with her buddy.

These dogs are trained for a reason to help people with all kinds of illnesses and to be denied help is unbelievable by a state who prides it’s self on so many dumb laws. So now the lawsuits have started because some uncaring people who have no idea what these dogs’ purposes are.
These dog are to help people with illnesses. What a shame…..

Read the article by Jessica Garrison here.

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