Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog Cruelty To Dog Fighting And The Ones That Were Saved

After a two month long investigation the police finally arrested Donna Mungo from Medford, NY for torturing and injuring her dogs and charged her with four counts yesterday. It all started when Mungo dropped off one of her dogs at a shelter that was in bad shape saying that she found the dog.

How cruel can you get to do something like that and let your dogs starve. Thanks to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter the dogs are improving.

Read the article by Carl MacGowan here.

While over in Pittsburgh, PA the police are putting together arrest warrants for those who were involved with the dog fighting ring that they busted in Larimer. After the police found ten dogs, one dead dog during their raid along with steroids and antibiotics that were used to treat the dogs.

We all know the Pennsylvania has some tuff laws on animal cruelty and some of the charges will be a felony which fits the bill.

Read the article here.

One of the dogs that Michael Vicks used in his dog fighting rings has became a star with the help of Sharon Cornett who rescued the poor dog. The dog named Gracie will be getting a special recognition from the Justice Department at an awards ceremony honoring the men and women who helped in the seizure of the Michael Vick dogs.

Sharon Cornett said: When I look at Grace I often say to myself I wish she could talk to tell us what really happened.

I wish the dog could talk too, we would probably hear a lot of things that are still unknown from the fighting days. I bet Vick is glad the dog isn’t able to talk.

Read the article by Tara Morgan here.

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