Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Health Supplement For Your Dog

DHA Omega 3 Pet Supplements Enhance Puppy Trainability

Cranimals introduces the first DHA based pet supplement combined with key nutrients - formulated specifically for optimal cognitive development in puppies.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) July 4, 2009 -- Cranimals announced the immediate availability of CRANIMALS™ GOLD , a daily nutritional supplement formulated specifically for rapidly developing puppies. CRANIMALS™ GOLD is fortified with a primary source of DHA-Omega 3 (Docosahexaeonic Acid). DHA -an omega 3 fatty acid is critical for proper brain development , eyesight, and peak cognitive performance.

Puppies who do not consume sufficient amounts of DHA during their most crucial developmental stage, may suffer brain, motile and visual impairment.

"CRANIMALS™ GOLD contains a concentrated microalgae extract" explains Cranimals Director of Sales, Ryan Calvert. "Conventionally, DHA is sourced from fish, which contain pollutants like heavy metals, PCB's and dioxins. Our research team sourced the DHA in CRANIMALS™ GOLD from its most basic source: pollutant-free, sustainably grown microalgae".

Calvert went on to say that as little as a teaspoon of CRANIMALS™ added daily to a puppy's food boosts its cognitive development and responsiveness in a holistic and natural manner. The DHA in CRANIMALS™ GOLD is synergistically combined with other key nutrients to ensure optimal brain, eye and nervous system development, as well as proper growth rates in puppies.

Calvert concluded , "Cognitive function, healthy eyesight and enhanced memory and coordination are key factors in puppy training and obedience. CRANIMALS™ GOLD will help uncover the Puppy Einstein in your pet."

About The Animals Behind Cranimals:
Cranimals develops berry-based animal supplements targeted at improving animal development and overall health and well-being. All CRANIMALS™ products begin with high quality human-grade raw food ingredients sourced directly from the farm. Cranimals is a division of I&W Research Inc., Canada's premier producer and supplier of certified organic and conventional berry ingredients for the natural animal health, food functional and cosmetic industries.
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Anonymous said...

hey, I've bought this product for my puppy and he loves it! (even though he's usually a really picky eater and turns up his nose at new food :S)
I gave Cranimals a try in the first place because it doesn't use fish oil, but algae - no heavy metals for my puppy :p great product, recommend it.

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for sharing with us about this product.