Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another Big Puppy Mill Raid This Time In Texas

A puppy mill called Maggic Pets/Heddins Kennel in Bowie, Texas that sold their dogs on the internet and though ads in the papers has been busted.
The Montague County Sheriffs and the Humane Society of N Texas raided the puppy mill that was owned by Carol & Cloyce Heddins on which they took some four hundred and ninety six dogs to a temp shelter.

Sandy Grambort of the Humane Society of North Texas said: Several dead animals were found, and some dogs had skin conditions or open sores. Some dogs in the poorest health were found at the back of the property, where customers are not allowed. Sandy also said: We have saved hundreds of dogs today, and know that they will one day bring joy to someone in the near future.

This rescue mission had the help from many people and organizations like the PetSmart Charities and the United Animal Nations along with the help of the Sheriff’s department and all the volunteers from the HSNT. The Chesapeake Energy was kind enough to allow them to use a warehouse for temp shelter, pretty nice of them.

Over and over we keep reading about these dam puppy mills that are just out to make money and sooner or later they get over whelmed and who suffers, the poor little dogs do. So go ahead and keep buying from these places and more and more dogs will suffer. There are many real legitimate dog kennels that sell dogs of all kinds if you really want to buy a dog or you could help us all by adopting a dog that is only looking for your love.

Read the article by Alex Branch here.

If you would like to help these poor dogs out you can contribute to the HSNT, they can really use all your help with this many dogs.

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