Friday, July 3, 2009

Please Don’t Dump Your Unwanted Dog Off Here

If you are thinking of dumping your poor little dog off because you are unable to keep the little guy, please don’t bring it to the Young Williams Animal Center in Tennessee.

The report said that they kill almost seventy percent of unwanted animals in their animal shelter.

Seventy percent is a lot of animals to be killing if you ask me, let alone just one. The place should change its name to the Young Williams Slaughter House Pound if you ask me. I hate to read an article like this and have it on my mind all day, just thinking about my buddies being killed just because someone didn’t want them anymore. Why do people even go out and buy a dog if it isn’t for life, I see ads all over and even on craigslist from people saying we can no longer take care of them. If it was your child I guess you would do the same thing too. No you wouldn’t, so why do it to your best friend. Tell me when you first got your dog you loved them and did all kinds of things with them. They only wanted to feel your love and kindness; they didn’t know that they were just some kind of disposable item did they.

I can go on and on but back to the article, If you live in this area please try and bring your dog to a different shelter and yes even try posting an ad on the web to try and find a good home for your pet.

Read the article by Lauren Davis here.


Patrice said...

Very informative post. I will also inform my friends in Tennessee about your alarming post in order for them to be aware regarding this matter.

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for stopping by Patrice and Thanks for spreading the info.

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