Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seized And Dead Dogs How Sad

Nobody Was Watching His Animals, So Now They Have Been Seized

After reading about so many puppy mills being raided and having their animals seized you come across an article where they owner needed to take time off and relied on a family member to watch his pets.
Sometimes you just can’t trust other people to do the things that are needed to be done, so the article went on to say that the family member who was suppose to be watching his pets decided to ask someone else. Well that’s when things went wrong and now all one hundred and forty eight different animals have been seized for this poor guy’s house in Alabama.

The report said that there were three dead animals inside the house. Well I guess nobody was really watching this guy’s pets, which is really upsetting when you put your trust in someone.

Read the article here.

Abandoned Dog Had To Be Killed

Photo by wsbtv

The Cherokee County Marshal’s Office in Georgia received a tip about a bunch of abandon dogs and when they arrived at the house they found dogs living in a van and some living in the house.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Jeff Dore said: I've never seen anything like it, the dog waste in the van is about two feet deep. Could you imagine any poor dog living like that, I hope they find the owner of these poor dogs and make him pay dearly.
The worst part was that the poor dogs had to be killed. Sad is all I can say…Sad….

Read the article by Jeff Dore & Alan Hand here.

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