Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Givers That Help Our Dogs

Two High School students named Jamil Miller and Kevin Ruiz from Camden, NJ have started a nonprofit business to help feed pets that are in need.
Their food bank is called Chow Hound House located in Camden, NJ that helps feed and fulfill medical needs for the needy.

Kevin Ruiz said: I remember one lady asking us if all of this is free. "I can't believe you guys are doing this. After the lady told me that, it was all worth it. She was astonished. The look on her face was as if she won a million dollars.

What a Great group of kids that have worked together to try and make life a little better in their community by helping the needy feed their pets.

Read the article by Joseph Gidjunis here.

Over in Wilmington, Delaware the Faithful Friends no kill animal shelter is offering free pet food for their residents that are in need of feeding their pets. The food that has help feed the local pets has come from local donations and companies like Concord Pet Food, Petco and the Humane Society.

How nice is that that these big companies are reaching out all over to help the families that are in need to feed their pets.

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They brought in the Marines when the Humane Society from N Iowa moved their place of business to a new location that opens this week..
Humane Society’s Executive Director Sybil Soukup said: I think this is incredible, that they’re helping us do this move, that these guys are going off to serve their country, but first they’re serving their community.
While Staff Sgt. Chad Hyatt from the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Mason City said: The main thing we’re trying to do is to show the young kids the importance of giving back to the community.

Read the article by Dick Johnson here.

Then you have a group called Save-A-Vet that held its second rally with over a thousand bikers that helped raise money to build a place where disabled service dogs will have a place to go and be taken care of.

We always read articles about animal shelters but we never read anything about the dogs that who were wounded while working with our soldiers. This rally was supported by the Harley Davidson dealerships in Illinois along with a lot of other participants that offer their services to help make this rally come true.

So first we say Thanks to all the Vets for their sacrifice and to all the dogs that put their life on the line. And a Big Thanks for all that helped our buddies out on their new future home.

Read the article by Lee Ann Gill here.

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