Friday, May 1, 2009

We Need To Feed The Dog's

That’s what a little nine year old boy named Zach Wilson from Florida said; We need to feed the dog's. So little Zach and his mom started the to help feed the dogs with the help of his friends they started to collect pet food to help families that are going through hard times feed their pets.

Zack has bigger dreams too when he said; Maybe we can get people all the food they need and supplies, and even vet care and other things people have a hard time affording.

Another great story that shows where the heart is for my buddies.

Read the article and see the video here.

Just think you too can start your own pantry for the animals that are in need too. The rewards will be overwhelming for the love and kindness that you put into it. And think of all the people and pets that will be touch from your kindness.


xandre said...

Great thinking Zach! Please, also support the man in this article,

Dogman2 said...

Thanks Xandre, I read about Zootoo not paying for the winning shelter a while back. It's just another publicity scam to me...