Saturday, May 16, 2009

So No Dogs Were Thrown Out The Window On Interstate 77

No we were all lied to.

A Humane Society officer from the Parkersburg, WV area named Steven Whitehair has been accused of making up the story that someone threw seven puppies and a dog out of a truck window.

Now why in the world would anybody stoop so low to make up a story like that. So when the police looked into the story they were unable to find any info or even the dogs that were supposedly throw out on the highway. Now it has comes down to Steven Whitehair being charged with obstruction and falsely reporting an emergency.

To top it off alls Steven wanted to do was to get so publicity for his Humane Society. I don’t know about you but there are many of other ways to do that. To think of the embarrassment the Humane Society and this guy will have to live with is going to be rough.

We all know that these groups and shelters need all of our help in this time and age. It’s hard enough to read about the real stories of animals being left on the side of the road or being locked in a vacated home. So why are there people trying to make up stories when there are so many real ones that are heart breaking.

Read the article by Jess Mancini here.

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