Saturday, May 30, 2009

371 American Eskimo Dogs In Need Of A Home

Photo by Dan Pelle

The Humane Society and a few local animal shelters will be needing your help in finding homes for these American Eskimo dogs that were taken from a puppy mill raid at the Sun Valley Kennel in Kennewick, Wash..

After reading a few articles from this area it’s seems like Washington was trying to become the new puppy mill state.
So if you are looking to rescue one of these cute little dogs you can try the Lynnwood animal shelter and possibly the Stanwood's NOAH and the Everett Animal Shelter.

Read the article by Jackson Holtz here.

Here is an update on the puppy mill raid that happened back in January outside of Gold Bar, Washington.
The Snohomish County Judge has allowed a video that was taken by a Snohomish County deputy that showed some horrifying pictures of dogs that were frozen in the freezer and the conditions that these poor Chihuahuas, Pugs and Terriers had to live in.

After looking at this video it just makes me sick to think about how many other dogs over the years were treated like by Jason & Serenna Larsen who ran this puppy mill.

Read the article by Jackson Holtz and see the video here.

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