Friday, May 29, 2009

Ellen DeGeneres Fulfills Kids Request To Help Feed The Dogs

A group of fifth graders from Dover, NH middle school got together to help support their local animal shelter Cocheco Valley Humane Society help feed the dogs were amazed by the offer they received.

The fifth graders wrote a letter to Ellen DeGeneres in support for their local shelter and they received a reply from Ellen’s who is a co owner of a dog food company called Halo’s CEO Steve Marton offering two thousand dollars worth of dog food.

These little kids from the Dover middle school are earning all kinds of money to help the shelter feed the dogs during these hard times. It’s so nice to read about the love and teamwork that is being put to work with these kids. I’ll bet that the dogs are Grateful for all they have done too.

Thanks Ellen & Steve for helping these kids fulfill their quest.

Read the article by Leslie Modica here.

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