Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They Were Suppose To Rescue The Dogs, Not Kill Have Them Killed

You would think that a place that calls themselves a rescue place would have an honor to take care of the pets. Well a rescue group from Nashville, Teen. Has been duping all the people that had dropped off their dogs thinking they were going to find them a new home.

How low can you go when you not only tell a person that you will find their pet a home but you charge them knowing that you will be dumping the dogs (two hundred and sixty one) off to the pound where they will be killed. What a scam to pull off on heartbroken people that probably had a hard enough time just handing the dog over to begin with thinking that at least they will have a new home, then to read about this.

The police said that they were unable to charge them, so maybe we all should let the world know who they are.

Read the article here.


Pete C. said...

Thanks, that was great info.

Anonymous said...

That is heartbreaking! I hate that people consider animals so disposable.

I just started using for searching on the internet as they agree there is a need to help animals and will donate to pet rescue charities when using it to search.

Glad to hear of a way to help out pet organizations with something as simple as searching the internet.