Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Dog Volunteer Foster Has Been Charged

A dog rescue volunteer named Terri Palmer-Roby’s had her house raided yesterday by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement after an investigation leading up to a startling find of ninety two chow-chows being found in her house.

It was no daycare for these poor dogs when the crew of Police and Humane reps found that two of the dogs were dead and two more dogs were so bad that they had to be put down. The living conditions were so bad where some of the dogs had open wounds and some were dealing with starvation and other illnesses.

It hard to read an article like this when you really think that these people are helping a rescue shelter try and save an animal but really they are sentencing the animal to a long death instead.

Kerry Flanagan of the Humane League of Lancaster County said; She was good at avoidance and Some shelters sent her dogs as recently as two weeks ago, but we stopped sending her dogs about six months ago when we first heard complaints from her neighbors. We tried to investigate, but she wouldn't allow us access to her property at the time. She showed our officer some of the dogs, but we didn't have grounds to get a warrant.

So should there be some kind of law that will make it more manageable to keep track of these foster homes. You would think that the Humane and Rescue shelters would have a right to go and inspect the animals at any giving time, but I guess not. So once again he is another bad case on the record. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of animal fosters people that are great at doing their work it just a few that make it look bad for them.

Read the article by Susan E Lindt here.


Anonymous said...

She as not a foster home, she was a full blown "rescue" and breeder who went under the name "Pendradwn". She was a member of the AKC and the chow club and the chow welfare group. Why did these establishments not step in and help. Dogs had been dropped off at her house to be bred. How did these "co-owners" of breeding show dogs not see the chaos? Does the welfare group to which she is a part of not monitor it's own members?!And where are they when it comes to helping. All I have seen them do is remove her name from their rescue list.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me the name of the place in PENDRAGWN

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for the update.... Your question as to why none of these establishments step in is beyond me.Hopefully this might be a wakeup call, it's just a shame that four dogs had to die...

Anonymous said...

And a chow "writhing" in pain from 2 back broken legs, while she is off judging show dogs at the regional dog show this year? AND breeding even MORE Chows?!
I am going to lose my lunch!

Patrice said...

What a sad story. Dogs are supposedly a man's best friend, thus they need proper care from their foster.