Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canine Brucellosis Strikes A Puppy Farm In Offaly, Ireland

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have confirmed the presence of Canine Brucellosis a potentially devastating outbreak of a virulent disease amongst animals. This disease can also affect humans which may cause serious liver impairment or arthritis.

The Chief Executive of Dublin SPCA Jimmy Cahill said; We are calling on the Department of Agriculture or Department of Environment to take immediate action and quarantine this puppy farm to prevent any further contamination of the canine population in this country. We anticipate that this breeder will start moving animals off his premises today thus escalating the spread of this virulent disease. Every hour increases the risk of a countrywide Canine Brucellosis epidemic. This health risk is an inevitable result of the antiquated legislation in this country which allows inhumane over-breeding to continue.

Chief Executive of the USPCA Stephen Philpott said; Puppy farming in Ireland, unlike most European countries, has no regulations governing its practice. In the absence of effective legislation in both the North and South the USPCA is constantly warning the puppy buying public of the pitfalls that can lurk in an apparently innocuous looking ad offering them the puppy of their dreams. This outbreak underlines our countless warnings; the puppy farming industry in Ireland, fuelled by greed, breeds both dogs and disease and must be properly regulated.

This doesn’t sound good for the dog breeders in that area due to this outbreak has no vaccine for a cure. There are about one thousand dogs at that puppy mill which makes it more possible to spread though out the area.

Read the article by Claire O’Sullivan here.

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