Saturday, May 23, 2009

Even The Dogs Face Hard Times

First there’s a police dog named Copper who’s a mixed Labrador that had to retire due to his medical problems and at first it was “ what are we going to do with the dog”.Good thing one of the officers adopted the dog before he was euthanized.
Then you have another K-9 dog named Huka who had to finally retire that went out with an Honor for his services.
Now it comes down to the worst part of a dogs job to be laid off due to cut backs. A German Shepherd named Nitro just didn’t fit in the towns budget even when his partner offered to donate his own time.
Life is hard for these guys too just like us, you never know what awaits down the road.
Then you read an article about someone stealing dog statues that are on exhibit Honoring the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Department for a fund raiser. Now if that isn’t low to steal from a fund raiser.

We dog lovers know how honored we are to are pets for all they give to us, it’s nice to know that they will always love us back.

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