Wednesday, May 27, 2009

K- 9 Officer Leaves His Dog In The Car Which Resulted In Death

You would think that a K-9 police officer would have enough sense and training to know not to leave his partner in the car, let alone for a little over three hours. Well the poor dog had died as a result of this officer’s stupidity.

As a result of this officer from Alameda, Ca the district attorney now has to decide if they will file charges against this officer. I would think that the officer was in neglect of his duties for leaving his partner locked up in the car for so long.
The real question is why was the dog taken to the training exercise knowing that he would have to leave him in the car and the other question is then why wasn’t the dog taken inside the training area?

Read the article by Peter Hegarty here.

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Anonymous said...

The DA has chosen not to press charges against this officer which is absolutely appauling. Police dogs are considered law enforcement and this officer should be charged not only with animal cruelty, but also for the death of a fell police officer. Call the DA and express your opinion 510-747-4750