Friday, January 9, 2009

Will Missouri Get Tough With Puppy Mills

If things go the way the Missouri Animal Right Groups are fighting for, they just might help save the poor dogs in some of these puppy mills.

The Director of the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation said; We are the puppy mill capital of the United States unfortunately. We're not against commercial breeding we're just saying if you go into that business you need to follow the law.

Just maybe these poor dogs might have a chance to live a better life. All that I have read about puppy mills all seams to read like every one had good intentions when they first started out, but then they had gotten over whelmed and that’s when things get out of hand. So who’s the one that is suffering; the poor dogs. Maybe with more inspectors going around and keeping tabs on the breeders to make sure they are ran right and to help them out when needed things might change for the better.

Read the article by Aaron Keller here.

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