Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Dog Owners Charged With Leaving Their Dogs Out In The Cold

First you have a lowlife named Pascal Bellon from Frelighsburg, Quebec who had left his poor little Poodle at the airport in his van for nineteen days. The dog was said to have lost half his body weight from not having any food or water while he was left in the freezing cold.

I’ll bet this jerk had a good time where ever he went. And how could you not even make an attempt to call someone to rescue the dog? You can’t say that he didn’t know sometime during his trip that he had left his dog in the van. To top it off the judge gave his a slap on the hand.

Read the article here.

Then you have a guy named Vernon Nix from Troy, NY who left his dog outside and now suffers from severe brain damage due to hypothermia and was emaciated.

So now he was arrested, I wonder what the judge will do to this lowlife.

Read the article here.

How could people be so dumb to leave their pets out in the cold like that. These two should never be allowed to own another animal again.

Next there’s an man from Kennett, Missouri who had fifty animals rescued from his home where twenty eight dogs reportedly were loosing their hair and had fleas along with eye infections.

Again another case of neglect to these poor little animals

Read the article here.

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Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

That happened at the airport here in Vermont. There is no explanation for what happened. Awful. But the dog has spirit!