Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just What We Need Another Dog Food Recall

Natural Pet Corporation a company that distributes Optima dog food has pulled all their products from Australia’s shelves. While Optima pet food is made in the USA, according to the Ministry of Agriculture in China the Optima dog food is made by Australia's Doane International Pet Products.

So is this the next big dog food recall that might just help put a stop to all this.

The reports are that the dogs were poisoned by aflatoxin which attacks the liver in several animal species. Although rare in many parts of the world, the fungi that produce aflatoxins can contaminate cereal grains often used in pet foods.

Read the article by Wang Hongyi here.

There is also a good read that was dated back on the 5th that seens to be heating up at Shanghaiist’s site.

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