Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update On Soldier Accused Of Dragging His Dog

The Army Soldier who was arrested for dragging his dog behind his SUV was in court today and for three felony counts of animal abuse was not alone. A group of animal activist was there at Cody Wayne Hahn side too.

Ruth Steinberger from the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals said; We're here because it's important that people see and care what happens to animals. Animal abuse is a serious crime, and everyone wants to see justice done here.

I hope that the judge isn’t going to be too soft on the kid because what he did to his poor dog was very cruel.

Read the article by Manny Gamallo here.


Anonymous said...

A fool is born every day. He is one of them.

sayen said...


hope he is fool only. People man wat to do ??
dog stairs