Monday, January 5, 2009

Help Stop The Puppy Mills Site

That Puppy in the Window Costs Too Much: New Website Aims to Shut Down Puppy Mills

The lure of a puppies sweet trusting face is undeniable. The sad, cruel truth behind puppy mills is animal cruelty. A New Hampshire woman has made it her life's goal to put all cruel puppy mills out of business.

Manchester, NH, January 05, 2009 --( When Realtor Sherry Bezanson of Londonderry, NH learned of the cruelty behind the pet store trade, she made it her life's mission to shut down the puppy mill industry. Bezanson raised $6,200 to post a billboard in downtown Manchester. It warns potential dog-buyers of the nasty neglect behind many puppy purchases. The advertisement cost $8, 2000 so Bezanson is still accepting donations.

Bezanson used the internet to raise funds. She turned to Caroline Bogart of Bogart Computing, LLC to create (Puppy Mill Dog's Voice). Bogart provides free websites to anti-cruelty and animal rescue causes.

Once people learn about puppy mill cruelty they are ready to jump with a donation or join a "peaceful protect" outside a pet store. "I'm getting more and more hits each day and more and more people contacting me about my cause," Bezanson said.

The website uses the Joomla content management system (CMS). The Joomla software features allow Bezanson to update the site at any time. Using a browser-based editor similar to Microsoft Word, the website allows Bezanson to keep the website's stories up to date.

Bogart added a Donation Thermometer so visitors could see the billboard campaign's progress. The site is linked to PayPal for safe and fast donations.

"I wanted a website because so many people aren't aware and find it hard to believe what's going on behind the scenes of the local pet shop that sell puppies or the fancy internet breeder websites," Bezanson said. "The cruelty and inhumane conditions these poor helpless dogs that are used as breeding machines live in all so the puppy millers can make a buck without any regard whatsoever for the health and well being of the dogs. Very sad but my website is helping to educate people everyday and that is exactly what I wanted! "

The website teaches visitors about the shocking and sad truth behind the cute face in the pet store window. It guides the reader on how to responsibly adopt dogs. For those who want to join Bezanson in the fight to ban puppy mills, there is Letter to the Editor advice and periodic "peaceful protests" outside local pet stores that sell dogs.

Donations to the Puppy Mill Dog's Voice Billboard Campaign can be made at Donors can also sponsor an anti-puppy-mill classified advertisement in the Dogs For Sale section of the local newspaper.

Animal welfare organization seeking free website assistance can contact Bogart Computing at

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