Sunday, January 11, 2009

So You Brought That Coat For Your Dog

Well after reading an article about people who buy these coats just might be doing their dogs harm. So you say to yourself it’s just a coat that I brought and he looks so nice in it I’m not hurting the dog.

Well Mark Johnston from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association said; Dogs have developed a very effective coat of their own, which will protect them from the elements. It is adjustable so they can raise the fur to control their temperature. Dressing them in a coat diminishes the animal's ability to regulate their own body temperature and could be detrimental if the animal gets too hot.

A spokeswoman from the RSPCA Helen Briggs said; Under the Animal Welfare Act, you are obliged to provide appropriate conditions and environments for your dog. So if you are slapping a great big coat on it when it really doesn't need it, then that could cause it to suffer if it is overheating. It is the same as if you leave a dog in a car in hot weather. Some breeds have been bred to have less fur, so in some cases it is quite appropriate for a dog to wear a coat in very cold weather. But if an owner is just doing it for a fashion statement or because they think it is cool, I would question that.

So after reading about all the damages that you can cause your loved pet by wearing these stylish coats I would think that it would be best not to use them unless you check with a Vet first.

Read the article by Jasper Copping here.


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Wow I had no idea that coats could cause harm to dogs. Thanks so much for then info