Sunday, January 25, 2009

So You Want To Be A Pet Writer

Pet Industry and Publishing Experts Address Current Trends at The Business of Pet Writing Conference in New York

At the 1st Business of Pet Writing Conference in New York, publishing professionals and pet industry leaders will provide insights and tips to help pet writers in difficult economic times.

New York, New York (PRWEB) January 24, 2009 -- It's true that the economic downturn is affecting all aspects of business and commerce in the United States, including book publishing and the pet industry. On February 7th, the weekend prior to the celebrated Westminster Dog Show, at the 1st Business of Pet Writing Conference in New York, publishing professionals and pet industry leaders will offer their insights and tips to help pet writers flourish in these challenging times.

"Since pet writing is a very special niche of publishing, the conference provides a rare opportunity for writers to network and learn the latest trends in the pet and publishing industry," said Charlotte Reed, pet expert and proprietor of The Pet Socialite, Inc., the promoter of the February conference. "Just like a crime writer benefits from learning the latest investigative techniques, pet writers need to 'bone up' on the newest developments in the pet arena."

Amidst a host of other publishing industry topics, the conference pulls together an impressive group of pet industry experts to talk about latest hot buttons in the pet world. The pet industry panelists will share valuable information on the latest trends in the areas of pet food; pharmaceuticals and supplements; travel and safety; pet health; dog ownership; animal legislation; pet professionals and pet-related facilities. As result, writers can take in the most current information for their books and articles.

The panel includes:
Bill Bookout, National Animal Supplement
Kurt Gallagher, Pet Food Institute
Sharon Granskog, American Veterinary Medical Association
Heather Hunter, American Automobile Association
Marshall Meyers, Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
Lisa Peterson, American Kennel Club
Ron Phillips, Animal Health Institute
Anne Ferrante, American Pet Products Association
Anna Worth, V.M.D., American Animal Hospital Association

In addition to the trends panel, the conference hosts a myriad of talent in the publishing business. Dick Donahue, senior editor at Publishers Weekly and Susan Canavan, senior editor at Houghton Mifflin, will present, as well as Paul Aiken, Executive Director of the Author's Guild. In the area of public relations, Rick Frishman, founder of Planned Television Arts, will offer his expertise. Maura Teitelbum, of Abrams Artist Agency will address literary representation, while Beth Adelman, president of Adelman Editorial Services, will talk about winning book proposals.

"Even though the economy is soft, pet writers have two important things going for them," added Charlotte Reed. "People will always be interested in their animal companions and pet books, as a rule, are an affordable luxury. Of all the niches, we foresee a bright future for those who write about pets."

The 1st Business of Pet Writing Conference will feature the best minds in the pet and publishing industries to make their educated forecasts for 2009.
Conference sponsors include: American Kennel Club Magazines, Castor & Pollux Pet Works, Comfort Zone, Dyson, Halo, and Metropolitan Dog Club.

The cost of the conference is $150.00.
For more information about The Business of Pet Writing Conference,
The Pet Socialite, Inc.
PO Box 398, New York, NY 10012.
Email: info (at) petwritingconference (dot) com.
Phone: 212-631-3648.
Fax: 888-492-3452.

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