Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Night Clubs For Dogs

Grand Opening Of Doggie Lounge and Nightclub

A new style of daycare is coming to the metro area. Your dog deserves the fun and style you look for. The Doggie Lounge provides all the fun and excitement in a safe, cafe-free environment.

Denver, CO, January 14, 2009 --( Sid's Doggie Lounge Celebrates Unique Daycare with Grand Opening.Denver dog lovers know how important it is to find someone to trust with their four-legged family members. But with so many doggie daycares springing up around town, people are often unsure of daycare owners’ credentials, whether they should trust their dogs there, and whether their dogs will really have fun. The owners of Sid’s Doggie Lounge & Nightclub set out to make sure dog owners know they can put their trust in them, and that they will be leaving their dogs at a truly unique doggie destination.

Like many doggie daycares, Sid’s Doggie Lounge & Nightclub offers daycare and boarding along with grooming services. However, the owners of Sid’s wanted to go above and beyond the traditional services—and the traditional feel—of most doggie daycares.

“It was really important to us to create a safe, but fun atmosphere for the dogs, and to offer services and products that are good for dogs and that we can be proud of,” said Kyllee Dionisi, owner of Sid’s Doggie Lounge. “There are so many doggie daycares out there, but we knew we could make ours stand out if we just thought about what would make the best experience for the dogs and their owners.” And Kyllee should know; she is a certified dog trainer, a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association (ABKA), and a volunteer for the Humane Society.

From that viewpoint, Kyllee and her husband Sean have created a doggie daycare that is truly unique. They offer a 100% crate-free daycare service. Dogs get to run and play all day. But they run and play in a safe environment: the floors at Sid’s are rubber with ½” foam padding to protect dogs’ paws and joints; and puppies, big dogs, and senior dogs all get their own play areas. And, says Kyllee, “we wanted to give owners full access to their dogs’ whereabouts,” which is why they installed real-time doggie webcams that owners can view 24 hours, 7 days a week. And no matter what time an owner looks at the webcam, they will see a member of Sid’s highly trained staff—someone is there with the dogs 24 hours a day.

Sid’s Doggie Lounge & Nightclub doesn’t stop the pampering at boarding and daycare services. They offer a boutique stocked with affordable clothing for the “hip” dog, and they will only sell food that is natural and holistic, ensuring the health of their clients’ dogs for years to come. Although the motto at Sid’s is “What Happens in Daycare Stays in Daycare,” word is bound to get out about this unique daycare facility.

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Doggie Lounge & Nightclub
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