Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Months Food And Fitness Tips

Pet Food Tips:

· Feed your Pet a high-quality diet. Select food made by companies known for nutritional research. Your Banfield veterinarian can recommend the best Pet food diet for your Pet.

· Make sure your Pet’s food is fresh. Purchase only the amount necessary for your Pet.

· Feed your Pet the correct amount of food. Determine portions according to your Pet’s weight and avoid overfeeding.

· Follow a daily feeding schedule. This will help your Pet maintain normal elimination habits and avoid indoor accidents.

· Avoid “people” food. Your Pet’s digestive system is simpler than yours and can be easily upset by feeding him/her table scraps.

Pet Fitness Tips:

· Consult your veterinarian first. Pets have different exercise needs, so before you begin, ask your veterinarian to help you determine a proper exercise routine for your Pet.

· Your dog needs a walk at least once a day. If your Pet has been inactive for awhile, then start the exercise routine slowly. Find a walking schedule that works for both you and your Pet, which might call for a short walk twice a day or one long walk.

· Help your cat stay active. For indoor cats, there are a variety of cat toys designed to help your cat stay active, or you can play hide/hunt games with them.

To learn more about these tips visit Banfield’s The Pet Hospital's January Pet Food and Fitness month

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